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Choose Your Curl Crème for $9.99!
Choose Your Curl Crème for $9.99!
Choose Your Curl Crème for $9.99!
$ 9.99

Choose Your Curl Crème for $9.99!


As seen on ABC's "Shark Tank"

  • Eliminates frizz, enhances curls, adds shine, provides UV protection 
  • Gluten, sulfate and paraben free; packaged in BPA-free bottle
  • Highly concentrated, pH-balanced formula equalizes hair's porosity
This is the curl crème of a curly girl’s dreams. A bit of this curl-enhancer springs coils to life, keeps frizz under control, equalizes porosity and provides amazing shine. Controlled Chaos Curl Crème creates beautiful, bouncy curls without the dreaded sticky, crunchy, or oily feeling. Lavender extract soothes and smooths curls to perfection.

Curly Hair Styling Products

Three Steps to the Best. Curls. Ever.

1. APPLY  Starting with clean, soaking wet hair, apply to areas most likely to frizz. Begin at the ends and work upward toward the scalp, applying very little at the root.

2. STYLE  Rake and scrunch large sections to encourage curl formation. If desired, twist face-framing curls around your finger (about one-inch sections, depending on hair density).

3. DRY  Air dry or use a diffuser attachment to blow-dry, finishing with cool air. DO NOT touch your curls until they’re completely dry! Once dry, if curls look wet or crispy, just scrunch and shake out. All curls are different! Watch styling videos for your curl type.