About Controlled Chaos

About the Company

Headquartered in Portland, Maine, Controlled Chaos was created by a hairstylist with curly hair and developed with feedback from hundreds of her beloved curly clients. As if providing the best frizz-fighting, sun-blocking, curl-smoothing product wasn’t enough, the socially-conscious Controlled Chaos Curl Crème is made with organic U.S.-sourced ingredients and packaged in BPA-free bottles. Plus, one percent of all sales benefit the environment through 1% for the Planet.


About the Founder, Alanna York

Alanna York has owned a successful salon in Portland, Maine for 17 years—and has been styling hair for much, much longer (she'll never tell!). When her professional career began in the early '90s, she had perfected a hairstyle that worked with her curls. She entered beauty school and became a hairstylist, discovering the passion and excitement that came in transforming a client through a new look—especially restoring faith and love in their once-unmanageable curls. In 1999, she opened her salon, Head Games Salon for Hair & Body and in 2009, developed an internationally acclaimed haircare line for curly hair, Controlled Chaos. For over two decades, she has specialized in curly hair cutting and styling, finishing and texture techniques, coaching, salon management, marketing, and product design.

Founder of Controlled Chaos, Alanna York


Our Mission

To provide the most comprehensive line of eco-chic hair care products that perform as promised. We believe in karma and in giving back. Our mantra is having fun as our industry and business evolve, while creating opportunities for excitement and advancement for everyone.

Controlled Chaos products are all sulfate free, paraben free and packaged in BPA-free bottles. Whenever possible, we locally, sustainably and responsibly source organic ingredients from growers right here in the United States. Our products are all made in the USA, providing domestic jobs and avoiding international shipping to limit our carbon footprint. 

Our next eco-chic endeavor? Plant-based bottles! We are continuously looking for ways to make our products and business practices more sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially conscious. We would love to hear from you as we continue to improve! Email us anytime at


1% for the Planet

We have been a proud member of 1% for the Planet since 2009. 1% for the Planet is an environmental nonprofit that uses one percent of participating companies' sales to help fund environmental causes around the world. It's about businesses recognizing that industry and ecology are inherently connected. It’s about realizing the positive effects of connecting businesses, consumers, and nonprofits through philanthropy. And it’s about understanding that the true cost of doing business can be mitigated by a simple pledge to the planet. Since 2002, 1% for the Planet has inspired members of the business community to contribute millions of dollars to environmental groups around the world.