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The Original Curl Crème (5oz)
The Original Curl Crème (5oz)
$ 19.99

$ 26.99

The Original Curl Crème (5oz)

Defines, detangles, strengthens, eliminates frizz, adds shine, protects from damage caused by heat. No added gluten, parabens or sulfates. For all curly hair types.

Directions for Use

Apply to clean, soaking wet hair, working from the ends up (use sparingly at the root). Rake and scrunch large sections to “clump” curls together, or twist curls around your finger to encourage curl formation. Air dry or use a diffuser to blow-dry, finishing with cool air. DO NOT touch your curls until they’re completely dry! Once dry, if curls look wet or crispy, just scrunch and shake out. For best results, watch styling videos for your curl type. 

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