4 Reasons Why Wearing Your Hair Curly is Better

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To us, wearing your hair curly is a no-brainer. Of course there will always be those who prefer your hair straight, or assume you're not "done up" if you're wearing it curly. But that's not our M.O. So, allow us to word-serenade you with some reasons why it's awesome to have natural curls, to let them be their swirly, springy selves, and embrace their uniqueness!

Reason #1: You've got curly hair for a reason.

Each strand of your hair grows out of the follicle in its wavy or curly pattern for a specific reason: your hair type was customized just for YOU. Nobody else has your hair—although surely many wish they do! Don't believe us? Just post a pic of your curls online somewhere. Guaranteed you'll get someone scopin' and hopin' their curls can look as good as yours. Your curls are designed just for you... for your face shape, skin, and personality. You've got a unique character and so do they!

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Reason #2: Curls style themselves.

...and every straight-haired person has to work to get them! Think about it. Anyone with straight hair will tell you they'd rather have curls. And sure, you may have times when you roll your eyes and wish for sleekness. But seriously, contemplate for a second just what your hair does. Apply the best styling product ever and let it dry...and it does naturally what only curling irons or perms can do on straight hair...on its own! How awesome is that? If anyone tries to claim that curly hair isn't "done," you can explain to them how your hair literally styles itself!


Reason #3: Any straightening method is just plain damaging. 

Truth. We understand you want a different look now and then. Totally get it. But flat irons are not a curl's best friend. While your hair may feel nice and healthy after it's flat ironed, keep in mind that flat irons get pretty dang hot—sometimes up to 400 degrees or more—much hotter than the temp needed to cook a steak! Just because your hair can't feel the frying doesn't mean it's not happening. Even one use of the flat iron can cause damage that leads to split ends, breakage, a dull appearance or super short bangs that you never took shears to (if you catch our drift). These things can take your hair a long time to recover from.


Reason #4: Your curls might not bounce back the same.

Flat ironing or chemical straightening stresses out your curls. Besides the damage, they just don't wanna be straight. Why do you think they come back out if you straighten your hair and go out in the rain? They want to be free! And when you straighten them, they're kind of like a wilted may perk back up with water, but it's just not the same as before. And chemical straightening? Fuhgettaboutit. Your curls could take a solid year or more to bounce back, depending on hair length. Best bet? Cultivate the curly plant. Use good, nourishing products to wash and style and let your curls bounce freely.

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