What to Do With Dry, Curly Hair

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No matter where you live, everyone has struggled with dry hair at least once in their lives. Whether it's due to hard water, too much blow-drying/straightening (please say it ain't so!), dry air, heaters, or too much sun, the fact is that dry is dry, and hair needs moisture—especially curls! So what do you do if your current curly hair routine is leaving your curls tangly, separated, frizzy, and just plain blah? Let's go over some guidelines that will help you know what to do with dry, curly hair.

Stop using sulfate shampoos.



We have mentioned this before, and it's still just as important. Shampoos with sulfates are the most common culprit of dry hair and contribute to frizz, puffiness, and general lack of curl control. Sulfates are made from salts, and salts dry out hair, pure and simple. Not to mention they're unnecessary! The only purpose they serve is to give you those luxurious, frothy, moisture-stripping bubbles in your washing routine. They do nothing good for your curls! So switching to a gentle, sulfate-free, moisturizing cleanser will help the state of your hair immensely. 




Use a good-quality, moisturizing conditioner every time you wash... 

It's very important for curl health and happiness to use a conditioner with good moisturizing ingredients; we know that everyone is trying to save money these days, and that $1.99 conditioner is tempting when you're on a budget. However, those conditioners will do your hair more harm than good (or they'll do nothing at all), and you'll end up spending more when you have to go buy something else anyway. You're better off spending a bit more in the first place for a good conditioner that will actually help your hair (and it'll last you longer anyway, because the cheaper ones have more water and fillers in them!). Better conditioners have better with everything, the cliché "You get what you pay for" applies!



...and a deep treatment at least monthly.

After starting out with a good moisturizer, you can supplement with a deep conditioner once a month or so. Be sure to let the conditioner sit on your hair for at least 15 minutes to get the full benefits. It's especially beneficial to put a shower cap on over the conditioner to keep heat in so that the conditioner will penetrate the hair shaft even more. You can also supplement with an oil treatment occasionally, using an oil such as olive, coconut or avocado. Allow the oil to remain on your curls for at least 20–30 minutes before rinsing and washing out well (with your sulfate-free cleanser!). You will be able to tell after a few oil or deep conditioning treatments exactly what works best for your hair and how often you'll need to do them. 



Last but not least, use good-quality, moisturizing curl products.

Don't use good cleansers and conditioners only to skimp on your styling products. Poor-quality styling products can dry out your curls as well. A good styling product such as Controlled Chaos Curl Crème will add moisture to your hair in addition to styling and reducing frizz. You'll want to leave a bit of your conditioner in when you rinse, too, or at the very least, apply a good leave-in. (And Controlled Chaos Hair Moisturizer can be used for either of those!) 


If you follow these guidelines, you will see and feel the difference in your curls. None of these are overnight fixes, though, so you can't go trashing your curls and expect one deep conditioning treatment to magically repair them! Get on a regular routine of taking good care of your curls, and after a short time, your hair will settle into a happier, bouncier, more moisturized state. You and your curls will be happier!

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