What Does Curl Cream Do?

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So you’re curious about curl cream. Admit it. What does curl cream do? Even if you’ve tried one before, you may still be unsure as to how to use them and what exactly they do. Are they more like conditioners? Stylers? Both? Do they control your curls and is there a good curl cream for fine hair? Or are they better for medium to coarse hair? Do they give good curl definition? Shine?

The answer is: yes. All of the above.

And are all curl creams about the same? In a word: nope.

The basic foundational purpose of curl creams is the same—they provide soft hold and conditioning, but all are not created equal when it comes to ingredients. (Stay tuned for next week’s post to learn more on that! We will elaborate.) In addition, not all curl creams are best for each curl type, although some will work on all curl types. But back to the original curly train: what purpose does a curl cream serve? In no particular order…  

A good curl cream should provide curl definition, bounce, and shine.

All curlies want the best product for curl definition, right? We would venture a guess that if you’re making a list, curl definition may be one of the first requirements when searching for curl-boosting products. No curly wants a head of fluffy, frizzy curls. Curl creams provide separation, control, and definition without crunch—which brings us to… 

Curl creams provide a soft, crunch-free hold.

No crispy ramen-noodle hair here! A curl cream will never give your curls that over-gelled '90s wet-hair look. Only soft, smooth, moisturized curls—even on the most coarse hair types—which then brings us to…

Curl creams condition, smooth curls, and control frizz.

Curl creams add moisture to your curls, whether they are tight ringlets or loose, lazy s-waves. The moisture conditions and prevents frizz, which is beneficial for your curls, of course. However, if you have a very loose wave or very fine, soft curls, you may want to use a bit less of the curl cream. Many curl creams (such as our undoubted favorite, Controlled Chaos Curl Crème) will provide all of these benefits and are designed to be used alone, since it's soft-hold and conditioning.

Even with all of the above-mentioned benefits of curl creams, there is still more! Some creams even provide a bit of added volume for your lovely curls. That’s never a bad thing either, right?

So as you can see, a hair curl cream is a good option to try, no matter your curl type and texture. Now that you have a better idea of what curl creams do, test one out (such as, ahem, Controlled Chaos) and you will know how much to use and whether you prefer to layer or cocktail it with other products as you play around with it. Your curls will let you know. Listen to them! We can guarantee they will be happier than before they experienced the bliss of a curl cream.

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