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Need some help with styling curls? (Who doesn't?) If you've had curly hair for longer than... um...a day, you know that it has the biggest mind of its own in all the existence of all hair types throughout history. Why do you think that over the years, many devices have been invented to try and control curls? Whether it be taming, smoothing, straightening, loosening, defrizzing...we've always tried to find ways to make our curls more "presentable." But what if I told you...that your curls could be controlled and yet still in their natural state? Would you believe that you, too, can have beautiful, soft, smooth, frizz-free curls with no heat, no devices, minimal effort?

It's true! With as little as one product and a slight change in your styling methods, your curls can go from fro to spirals, from blah to WOW! Okay, infomercial-speak is over. But wait! Ha—seriously, though. You can control your curls, and you can let them be in their natural state without having to do much work to them. All you need is a proper styling technique and some Controlled Chaos Curl Crème! Let's go over some techniques for styling curls. 

First and foremost, you gotta apply your Curl Crème to very wet hair. If this is a new idea for you, don't panic. We know that most curl products say the standard "towel dry and apply to damp hair"—and that's just asking for frizz, honestly. You want to mess with your curls very little when it's in the damp/drying stage. Applying your styling cream to soaking wet hair ensures that your curls are evenly coated with product, which helps alleviate frizz. It also helps you get a good styling base for your curls so that they dry nice and smooth. If you'd like, you can comb them out with a wide-tooth comb prior to applying the cream. OR, you can apply the cream, evenly distributing it with your fingers, and then comb it. That way it helps to detangle and style at the same time. You'll want to be sure you don't see any loops or strands that are separated and doing their own thing; remember, the way it looks at this stage affects the way it'll look when it dries!

Once you've gotten your curls smooth and coated, you'll want to start scrunching the excess water from the ends up. If you'd like, you can get a small additional amount of the cream on your fingers before you scrunch. This'll just give them a bit of extra styling. Scrunch the water out and allow your curls to fall where they want to fall. No combing from this stage forward! After that, you can scrunch them again with a microfiber towel, old cotton t-shirt, or your choice of gentle fabric (but it's best to avoid a regular terrycloth towel). Try to keep them in their natural state as much as possible, avoiding roughing them up or separating them from where they clump together on their own. Get as much water out of your curls as you can, and then either air dry or diffuse a bit. (If you plan to diffuse, it's best to do so after your curls have air dried for a while first.) When curls are completely dry (and we stress completely), you can scrunch them out to fluff and release the product hold. You'll be left with soft, bouncy, frizz-free spirals or waves!

Just a couple things to remember with curl styling. If your curls fall more toward the wavy side of the spectrum, you may want to avoid applying your Curl Crème near the roots in case your waves get weighed down. Also, for wavy hair, you might try scrunching out just a bit of the excess water before applying your cream—sometimes the extra water weight can weigh them down as well. Otherwise, have at it! Controlled Chaos Curl Crème works on all curl types, styling without crunch or stiffness or that gunky feel. 

Keep in mind the cardinal rules as you're styling curls:

Don't mess with your curls much after the wet scrunching stage.

Don't mess with your curls at ALL in the drying stage (with the exception of diffusing).

Mess with your curls as much as you'd like once they're 100% dry!

With these rules in mind and a bottle of Controlled Chaos Curl Crème by your side, you can't go wrong! You'll find that your curls are naturally bouncy, easy to style, and beautiful—all on their own, with a little help from Controlled Chaos. No devices needed!

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