Two Women-Owned Companies Survive the Tank and Join Forces

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Business-driven women Alanna York, Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner have something in common: all have survived the Shark Tank and emerged alive. York, salon owner and founder of Controlled Chaos, found unexpected friends in Edelstein and Ribner, co-founders of PiperWai Natural Deodorant, when they reached out to York after Controlled Chaos’ air date was announced. Instead of having a competitive, I’m-only-out-for-myself attitude, York found that Edelstein is strongly in favor of supporting other businesswomen.

“Initially I was surprised and immediately so thankful that Jess took the time to reach out to me,” York said of her Shark Tank comrade. “I hadn’t expected anyone to pay any attention to pitches besides their own.” But Edelstein offered support, and in return, York is supporting PiperWai as well. “I truly feel that women in business should support and encourage each other more often—it’s a tough world out there, and we have to stick together.”

Controlled Chaos, an up-and-coming brand of haircare for natural curls, made its Shark Tank debut in January 2016 after two previous attempts to appear on the show. Since then, the brand has been garnering national attention due to its curl-specific niche and marketing. “It’s always been a dream of mine to have Controlled Chaos on QVC,” said York, “and despite the fact that we did not close the deal we made with Lori on the show, we are working closely with her and her staff to be up on QVC as soon as possible. We are very grateful that she has agreed to work with us in that endeavor. With no ownership in the company, Lori is still willing to help out, which is another great example of women supporting other women.”

PiperWai is currently gaining a large following as well. The natural, aluminum-free and charcoal-based deodorant is available in several salons, boutiques and stores across the US and even a few into Canada; it is also carried in-store and online by GNC. PiperWei’s appearance on Shark Tank was a significant boost; the company’s sales reached $1.3 million only four weeks after the episode—and PiperWai has since grown by 5,000%. The appearance on the show also helped gain the contract with GNC and cause sales to soar to the point that Edelstein and Ribner are currently working hard to keep up product supply with demand. In fact, in the two hours after the episode aired on TV, Edelstein and Ribner sold a full 20,000 jars of their deodorant. 

PiperWai deodorant can also be ordered online directly from their website. For the entire month of October, PiperWai will give customers 10% off their online order and donate an additional 10% of each purchase to benefit Twist Out Cancer, an online support community that connects survivors and allows them help each other fight cancer together. Visit to order and apply the code TOC10 to receive 10% off your order and benefit this online community as well as supporting an emerging company that survived the Tank!  

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