5 Curl Resolutions for 2017

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So it's a new year once again, and it's time for those resolutions. Have you made any? Broken any yet? (Hopefully not!) Well, taking proper care of those lovely curls is a lifelong commitment, and we've compiled a list of a few resolutions that you can try this year that will make life easier for you and your curls. And hopefully by this time next year, they will be second nature in your curl care routine!

1. Start sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase.

You may think this is rubbish or just a gimmick to try to market something to curlies that's unnecessary. We'd like to invite you to think again! Silk and satin pillowcases aren't an outrageously expensive investment, and they are a great way to protect your curls and keep them from turning into dreadlocks overnight. Traditional cotton pillowcases tend to leach moisture out of your delicate curls, which is what encourages tangles and causes your curls to give you trouble. They also cause friction while you sleep, but silk and satin give that nice smooth slip for your curls to rest on. Give it a try for a week straight and you'll see a difference, guaranteed. Plus, it'll make you feel like royalty! Shout out to our local curlfriend, Carol of Fox Run Studios who creates these hand-dyed satin pillowcases.

2. Stop using sulfate shampoos to wash those curls.

For real. We know they're cheap, but there's a reason for that. (Ever heard the catchphrase "You get what you pay for?" There's a reason that exists too.) Cheap products have cheap ingredients. If you're trying to take care of yourself and your hair the best way you know how, doesn't it make sense to use the best products you can get? Seems like a no-brainer to us. If you're still unconvinced, check out our post The Effects of Sulfates on Curly Hair Over Time. There are legitimate reasons why they're bad for your curls, and honestly, you end up spending more in the long run using them. Ever worked for a company that suddenly tried to save money by buying those ultra-thin paper products for the restrooms? What ends up happening? You have to use more of the cheaper product because there's less to it, and you go through it quicker and have to buy it more often. So you think you're saving money, but you're not. The same goes for hair products. You get what you pay for! Controlled Chaos has a full line of (sulfate-free) products that won't break the bank and will last you a good long while. Try them out for 2017 and compare the health of your hair to last year! You'll also notice that you won't have to purchase as often! A little goes a long way.

 3. Start treating your curls like the delicate fibers that they are.

It's true, your curls are delicate (despite the fact that they can be stubborn!). When we're doing laundry, don't we have to treat our delicates differently than regular laundry? Whether it's hand-washing, using the gentle washer cycle, or buying a special detergent, we know that we have to do something different for the delicates or they will get destroyed—or at the very least, they won't last as long. Well, the same goes for our curls! We should be using special products for them and treating them gently. Some other ways we can do this that you may not have thought of: avoid brushing (please!); towel scrunch gently after washing with a microfiber towel or old cotton t-shirt (in this case, you WANT it to absorb moisture!); don't rough them up (especially when they're wet, but also when they're dry); try to avoid getting your curls stuck under your purse strap, in the zipper of your jacket, or in the hinge of your sunglasses (this causes breakage!); and pineapple your hair while sleeping—on your silk or satin pillowcase!

4. Stop collecting curl products that don't work.

We know that not all curly hair products are created equal, and there's nothing wrong with trying new products. The problem begins when you buy anything and everything that says "for curly hair" on the front and try it once or twice, then stick it in the cabinet to collect dust with the others. Now maybe you haven't done that, and that may be wise of you. But for those of us who have, there is a better way. Aren't we all searching for that holy grail hair product that's our go-to that we can't live without? Dare we say, Curl Créme can be that for you if you allow it! Wouldn't you rather have a one-stop styling product than layering, cocktailing, and collecting products that aren't even working for you? Not only is it simpler, it's cheaper, too. Your curls and your wallet will be happier. Not to mention you'll have more room in your bathroom cabinet!

5. Have confidence in those gorgeous curls you've got!

It doesn't matter whether your curls are beach waves, botticelli tendrils, or springy spirals; whether they're blonde, red, black, or purple; whether they bounce a little or bounce a lot—they're beautiful, and it's time you realized it! So stop wishing for your friend's straight locks or your other friend's "perfect" curls (while secretly—or not-so-secretly—she's wishing for yours!). Make the most of the ones you've got! Check out your curls in a photo or a mirror, and realize that you're lucky to have them, that many, many people are envious of them, and flaunt them with confidence! Besides, we think curly hair has so much more character than straight hair. Anyone can have straight hair, but it takes a special person to be a curly girl! Wear it like a badge of honor—in 2017 and beyond!

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