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Lately on social media we’ve been asking our fellow curlies to send us their curl stories, whether it’s about curl confidence or newfound frizz-free living. If you're reading this and you have your own curl before-and-after story to share, please send it to us! We love receiving and reading your stories, and we will post them on our social media and this blog. We love seeing all different curl types and transitions into your #BestCurlsEver! After all, we are in the business of helping ALL curlies love their hair. If you need help loving your hair, please read on! And if you already love your curls, send us your story and read on anyway…

Our first curl story is from Marina, who also happens to be our Curl Crush of the Week. Check out her journey and her gorgeous, envy-inducing curls!

Hi!! My name is Marina, and needless to say... your product is a game changer. About a year ago, my mom and my stepfather were watching tv when your product aired on shark tank. My mom used to have beautiful coil curls. Not too tight, and not too wavy, but being that curly hair is almost an art to manage, she ended up ruining her hair. Turned it into pretty much crispy angel hair pasta. She never knew how to take care of her curls, so she kept doing straighteners, and permanent Japanese straightening that her curls completely went away. She has extremely unmanageable frizzy, wavy hair. My stepfather, being the jokester that he is made a whole bunch of jokes to my mom saying she needed this product! Her hair was a disaster, just simply making small jokes about my mom's frizzy wannabe curls. He ended up buying the product out of curiosity for my mom, and we all laughed and made a joke of it.
For years I've been using Marc Anthony curl products that you can find in any cvs or pharmacy. It was literally magic for me. It was a product that I couldn't live without. I'm extremely big on my hair, so I was always on top of curl care unlike my mom at my age. My mom had decided to use controlled chaos just simply because she had it and her hair turned from frizzy and just Brillo looking, to FRIZZ FREE (I say that in caps because I couldn't believe it) and perfectly waved!!!!! My mom had lost her curls years ago, so it will never curl like it used to but her hair was manageable, and it was beautiful. I turned around to her and said mom!!! Wtf!!! What did you do to your hair I love it! She laughed and said it was the cream your stupid stepdad got!! Me, not knowing anything about your brand I was so surprised because I swore I had finally found the best cream for my hair on the market! So that next morning, I immediately put it to test and...

I. Fell. In. Love.

Seriously guys...

Loook at my curls!!!! They're amazing! Frizz free, manageable, shiny and I can't stress enough to you guys how much your product has changed my hair life forever!
My favorite thing has to be the mini use me hair samples you sent out the last time I ordered! Those are my favorite I just toss them into my bag and I always have a little to spruce up my hair if it gets too messy.

It's really rare that a person finds something that works so well for them. And this is exactly how I feel about your product. Like I said in the subject line, this may be a long shot but I really really really would like to be a part of your team. In however way possible. I would love to test out new products, give you my feedback, promote in however way you guys would like (well I already brag to all my friends anyway so that's word of mouth haha).

I figured if I never wrote to you guys, that you would never really know how your product has truly affected a consumer, and I feel like it's always good to hear first hand how amazed people are using your product for the first time.

You guys are amazing!!! Thank you!

Love always,
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