Keep A Breast/Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (it is October, after all), we at Controlled Chaos have partnered with the Keep A Breast Foundation™ and would like to share with you their latest exciting news! Since 2000, Keep A Breast™ has set out to educate youth across the globe on breast cancer and raise awareness of self-detection and prevention. Their mission is to inspire young women to perform self-checks on their breasts once a month and commit to doing so. And through their latest endeavor, they've created a way to make it easy to remember and commit to self-checks and join with others who are committed. 

Keep A Breast™ has created a Check Yourself! app! The new app is available in six languages and allows you to set monthly reminders for self-checks, but that's not all. The app is partnered by social media campaign #CHECKYOURSELFIE that encourages young people to snap a selfie with three fingers on their breast—a visual symbol of their monthly commitment—and post it on social media. The selfie, with the #CHECKYOURSELFIE caption, is considered a pledge that will be shared and linked to, where you can see others' selfies, inspire others, and be inspired. You can also tag friends to challenge them to post their selfies and take the pledge.

Many young women think that breast cancer only happens after a certain age. But did you know that of the 300,000+ women that are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, 12,000 of those are under age 40? A diagnosis can happen at any age, so Keep A Breast™ wants to stress the importance of getting into a routine of self-checks early. Early detection is important to survival rates, and knowing what's normal for your body helps you determine when something isn't. That's why regular self-checks are key.

So no matter your age, October is the best time to start a routine of monthly self-checks. And what better way to get started than to download the app and join the #CHECKYOURSELFIE campaign?! C'mon, you know you take selfies at least occasionally. (Who doesn't?!) Why not take one for a good cause and spread the knowledge? You just may help save a life!

Visit or for further information. Thank you to the Keep A Breast Foundation™ for partnering with Controlled Chaos and allowing us to share your news! 

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