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How to Use Curl Cream

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Do you feel confident using curl creams? Whether you're a rookie user, a self-proclaimed curl cream expert, or something in between, there might be some things you don't know about curl cream or tips that could help you. Let's talk about curl creams in general, and specifically Controlled Chaos Curl Crème, the crème de la crème of curl creams.

First, why do we call it Curl Crème and not curl cream? Well, because we're fancy! Calling it Curl Crème just bumps up the pizzazz-factor by another notch. Besides, it sets us apart—along with the amazing way it works on any curl type and nourishes your hair whilst styling! 

Now, how to use curl cream... First, there are some basic rules to follow.

Apply cream to very wet hair.

When styling, you want to apply curl cream as soon as possible after rinsing (or leaving in some) conditioner. Your curls will style best if the cream is raked through wet hair, evenly coating each strand. Once you've distributed the cream throughout your curls, they should look smooth and clumped together in their natural curl pattern, not messy or separated strands. If they're not, try adding a bit more water (and maybe a teeny bit more cream) until you get there, raking it through with your fingers. Then, once the curls are nice and smooth, you can go back and scrunch out the excess water section by section. See our YouTube channel for tutorials on styling specific curl types, including men's and kids' curls!

Apply Curl Creme to very wet hair

Think of it like a conditioner you want to coat your strands with. And don't be afraid to get your fingers in there.

If you have to run your fingers through your curls a few times to get them detangled, smoothed, and clumped together, that's okay—as long as they're soaking wet! You can also use a wide-tooth comb to ensure more even distribution if you'd like. This is a very important stage in styling, and you can twist and direct curls or sections where you'll want them to land when they're dry. 

Apply Curl Creme to very wet hair

And some don'ts:

Don't towel-dry hair before applying cream.

Taking too much water out of your hair before adding the cream is counterproductive. Your curls are in their smoothest state when wet, and you want to capture that look (well, a dry-looking version of it) with styling. It's the only way to get the best version of your natural curls!

Don't just scrunch it in.

Raking your soaking wet curls will distribute the product evenly, detangling your curls and giving you the foundation to achieve soft curls without frizz. It also gives you the ability to move your curls around and place them where you want them to be when they're dry! But if you don't first coat them with the cream, it won't work like it's supposed to. Rake first, scrunch after.

Rake curls to smooth cuticle

Scrunch to encourage curl formation

Don't touch your curls while they're drying.

Once you've got that frizz-free foundation set in your curls, you don't want to mess it up! After styling, try to touch your curls as little as possible. Air-dry or blow-dry gently with a diffuser, and once they're dry, you can shake or fluff your curls to your heart's content. You can also separate some of the curl clumps for added volume. Just be sure not to skip the don't-touch-while-drying step, because it's essential!

Separate curl clumps for more volume and movement

So, there you have some of the dos and don'ts required to use curl cream for optimum results. Again, for detailed tutorials by curl type, gravitate toward the Controlled Chaos YouTube channel and watch those curls go from blah to wow!

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