Hairstyles for Coarse Curly Hair

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If you've got coarse curls, you may feel like your hair is tougher to tame than most. While each hair type and texture has its own set of issues, coarse does not necessarily equate to unmanageable. It may, however, require just a bit different care routine than other hair textures. Not to fear, though; Controlled Chaos is here to help with a few tips, tricks, and style ideas for those coarse curls o' yours! Stay tuned after the info for some hairstyles for coarse curly hair.

Hair Care

If you feel some days like you've got wires springing out of your head rather than hair,'re not alone, and don't worry, there are ways to tame the beast! While we always recommend lots of moisture for curls, coarse/wiry hair needs extra. Think like...a normal amount times two or three, depending on just how coarse your hair is. Try a natural oil treatment occasionally, such as coconut or avocado oil; leave in extra conditioner after you wash; style with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème and add a bit of our Hair Moisturizer for good measure. Essentially, the more moisture, the better. It may feel like you're overdoing it, but after a couple weeks, you will start to notice your hair softening and calming down a bit. (And don't stop—keep up the high-moisture routine!)  

Check out this curly, shiny, moisturized and fabulous mane



Just as a haircut for curly hair is different than a cut for straight hair, you will want a bit different cut for coarse hair than fine/medium curly hair. If you've got a stylist who specializes in curly hair, you're already ahead of the game. Ask him or her for a layered cut that reduces bulk while still enhancing your natural curls. (But that doesn't mean thinning shears—those are a big no-no for curls!) Layers can be point-cut or blended in such a way that the hair won't turn into a giant triangle of curls.

Here's an example of a great curly cut on coarse hair that's been layered to reduce bulk:

hairstyles for coarse curly hair photo


Hairstyles for Coarse Curly Hair

For a romantic look that still shows off your curls, gently pull back the sides and secure with bobby pins, leaving a few pieces around the face. This look works well for coarse and thick hair, since it keeps the volume and curl near the top. Just remember to secure it loosely! Don't make it too tight or the part of your hair that's still down will be too voluminous in comparison.


For a hot summer day or a fancy occasion (or both!), try this easy updo. This style is perfect for coarse curls, as it tames them and gives you a different look while still allowing their character to shine through!


And for those days you just don't know what to do or don't want to deal with it, a loose braid will contain those curls. Take a couple out around the face to soften the look and show off the curl, just in case they feel neglected. Keep the top loose when braiding for volume here as well.


As you can see, having coarse curls isn't so bad! You can still show off your curls and make your hair texture work to your advantage. With the right cut, enough moisture, and some Controlled Chaos Curl Crème, you're ready to take on the world!

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