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Since we're embracing fall in all its glory (what else can we do?!) and we are all about curly hair, let's talk about some of the hair trends that you'll be seeing around town this fall. Curly hair may be in a category all its own, but that certainly doesn't mean you can't have fun with it! On the contrary—just like blondes, curls have more fun! With curly hair, you can do some of the same things that straight-haired people do and it looks drastically different. How cool is that? Besides, those straight-haired girls have to work to get their hair to look like ours does all by itself. (You know they're jealous!) 

Fall Curl Trend 1: Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are back!! That's right—this fall, curly bangs are all the rage. Isn't that a relief to hear? Bangs are crucial, since they frame your face, and they can either be a complement or a detractor to it. It's been especially difficult for curly girls in the past when straight bangs were in—what a dilemma. Go with no bangs? Cut bangs and straighten them? Wear them curly and not care about the trends? Well, as of this fall, worry no more. Curly bangs are in, so wear them with gusto! And they don't just have to be full bangs, still have options even with curls. They can be sideswept or loosened, fuller or just a sprinkling. Bangs are also a great way to add more volume around your face! Just remember to work with your face shape and curl texture—and never forget that curls do shrink!! It's always better to keep them too long than to cut them too short. Of course, it's best to get help from your stylist, especially if you're getting bangs for the first time. 


Fall Curl Trend 2: Curly Lob

If you haven't heard of a lob yet, it's long + bob = lob. Think, like...a bob that lands below the shoulders, maybe around the collarbone. Most lobs have little to no layering, but for curly hair, you might want to have your stylist add at least a bit in around the edges to avoid the triangle/Christmas tree look. Or you can go for more layering and still have a lob look—it's entirely up to you! But with that being said, curly lobs are hot and trending this fall! There are different varieties of lobs, so you'll want to look up options if you're interested. (Make sure you look up "curly lob" and not just "lob," so you can get an idea of what your hair may look like with it and find a pic of someone with a curl type similar to yours.) The curly lob is the perfect medium length to show off your curls after they've been styled with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème!

Fall Curl Trend 3: Middle Part

Curly hair with a middle part is in for fall! If you've never done a middle part with curly hair, now's the best time to try it out. The middle part trend has gone in and out over the years, but what makes it different for 2017 is combining it with curly hair for a different look. Scared to try it out? Ask your stylist to test it and see how it looks with your curls. A middle part doesn't have to mean that you lose volume—nor does it have to mean you can't have bangs with it. Depending on your hair type and especially your face shape, a center part can work well if it's customized to you. (And your curls are already naturally customized to you, so let your style work with them!)


Fall Curl Trend 4: Double-texture Styles

Ever since The Hunger Games, braided, woven, and similar styles have come back with a vengeance—and that's one trend that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. However, the trends and styles have evolved, and this fall's trend is a new take on the look. This trend combines two (or more) different types of texture into the same hairstyle—for example, twists with loose braids, tighter braids with looser braids, loose waves with tighter curls or braids—play around and get creative! Curly hair is the best and easiest to achieve these creative styles with, as we've got all that natural texture to begin with. Just grab a few bobby pins or gentle hair ties (after your hair is styled with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème, of course) and see what you can come up with! The sky's the limit on this one, so don't be afraid to try anything. Think Jack Sparrow/Boho gypsy/Katniss/Princess Buttercup...and don't forget to check out Pinterest if you need further inspiration!

There you have it—four trends to try on your curls for this fall season. Fall is a great time to change things up a bit! The best part about these trends is that none of them requires a long-term commitment like changing your haircolor or moving to a warmer climate. Embrace fall, cooler weather and all—embrace your curls, and show off these looks along with your cute new sweater! 

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