Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

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If you haven't checked the calendar, fall is now upon us! We reached the autumnal equinox at 4:02 p.m. EDT on September 22. Rather than being sad that summer is over, let's embrace fall in all its glory—pumpkins (and pumpkin spice lattes!), candy apples, hot cocoa, piles of multicolored leaves, sweaters and hoodies, corn mazes, cider...need any more reasons to love fall? 🍁

And your curls love fall too. They will be happy to have less sun/sand/salt exposure! But it's also important to change your curl care routine up a bit coming off of the exposure to the elements of summer and going into the drier weather of fall. They may need a bit more or a different type of TLC for the transition as the temps begin to change.

Add more moisture.

We know, we're always stressing moisture. But it's important—no, vital—for curls to get that hydration. And while we're sure you're already staying on top of moisture for your hair (being the good curl caretakers you are), you may still need to bump it up a bit. As the weather gets cooler, it dries out gradually, and you may not notice the change happening. Before you know it, your curls will be dry and freaking out and you'll be left wondering why! Get a jump on it and boost your moisture levels before that happens so your curls can stay healthy and hydrated. Consider leaving a bit more of your conditioner in after washing or add an extra leave-in (like Controlled Chaos Hair Moisturizer) to your routine.

Do a hair mask.

If you did spend time in the sun, sand, or salt water over the summer, most likely your hair could use some extra hydration anyway. If you haven't done a mask or deep conditioning treatment in a while, now is the optimal time! It doesn't have to be a super-expensive one to do the job, but try out whatever you'd like. Did you know that you can use coconut cream as a hair mask? Not coconut milk, but the thicker cream can be applied just like a deep conditioner. It's an uber-natural, EFA-loaded way to strengthen and condition your curls! There are also many recipes out there homemade masks made with various food items, so if you're feeling creative and adventurous, try one out! If you opt to go the more conventional route, look for one labeled hair mask or reconstructor. Apply at least every other week and be sure to leave on for at least 20 min.

Watch out for those collars!

Don't forget that when you start to wear sweaters, hoodies, or jackets, your delicate curls can get caught in the collars and tangled at the nape. While you don't want to pull your hair back tightly, it may be a good idea when you wear something with a collar to pull it back loosely to avoid these problems. Another solution: check out satin-lined caps (for daytime or for sleeping) that help protect your curls but keep in a bit of warmth as well. They can prevent your ends from snagging in those zippers!

Remember to protect from heat.

With the weather getting cooler, you may find yourself diffusing your curls a bit more than in the summer. Be sure to style with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème, and you can layer on another heat-protecting product if you're prone to heat damage or split ends. Don't wash your hair too often, either! You can get away with washing it less often in cooler weather than in summer, but be sure to add a few drops of oil or Hair Moisturizer on the in-between days to keep it hydrated.

Pineapple overnight (or daytime), stay on top of regular trims, and use good products.

Sleeping with your hair pineappled will not only protect your curly style, it will prevent damage overnight as well. Plus, you can pineapple your daytime hair and it looks cute! Make sure you get regular trims to keep the ends from drying out too much. And, of course, use good products like Controlled Chaos. (Always a given.)

Following these tips will help your curls transition seamlessly into the cooler, crisper air of fall. Stay ahead of it and you won't even notice a change in your curls, because they will stay hydrated, healthy, and happy all season. 

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