Does Controlled Chaos Work on Permed Curls?

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What do you think of when you think of permed hair? Likely one of two things: short, white granny perms or fluffy 80s poodle-perm looks. Or possibly both. Since perms were so popular in the 80s, we sometimes tend to forget that people do still get them occasionally. And guess what? These days, if someone gets a perm, it's generally to mimic naturally curly hair! Most grannies don't even get those stick-to-your-head tight curls or the perms to hold in their helmet-head roller sets all week. No, while perms are not as popular as ice cream, some people like them because they've had straight hair all their lives and covet natural curls. And today's perms are a lot gentler and more natural-looking, so it is possible to get softer waves or curls that don't scream PERM!! from a mile away. Remember that, all you curlies: people pay good money to get curls that some of us grow naturally! Embrace them, if you aren't already!

That being said, we at Controlled Chaos are asked quite frequently: does Controlled Chaos Curl Crème work on permed hair?

If you follow the logic of perms mimicking natural curls—and the fact that the Curl Crème says "For all curly hair types"—then you would think that yes, it works on permed curls. The goal in styling natural curls is to get them to clump together where they naturally want to fall, right? Not separate and fly away or dry stiff and crispy so that they prick you when you touch them. (Ouch. Plus, that's not a great look.) When you get a perm, the disulfide bonds in your hair are broken down and rearranged to form into a curl pattern. So basically, your hair is tricked into thinking it's naturally curly. With that tidbit of chemistry knowledge, then you would also think yes, Controlled Chaos Curl Crème will work on permed hair. In addition to those two reasons, the same styling techniques and methods that work on natural curls work on permed curls (if you don't believe us, ask your hairstylist). So we say all signs point to yes—a resounding yes! Controlled Chaos works on permed curls. Give it a try and you'll be amazed how soft, frizz-free, and natural your permed curls look!

What if my natural curls have been relaxed or "smoothed" with a keratin treatment?

If you've had a relaxer or keratin treatment done, your hair takes a while to recover back to its natural state. While we don't recommend relaxing or trying to straighten or loosen those curls (embrace them for what they are, baby!), you can't change what you may have done to your hair in the past. Chances are, unless you had the strongest super-harsh relaxer done, you probably still have some curl pattern in there anyway and have to style it somehow. Well, guess what? If you still have waves or looser curls, you can still use Controlled Chaos Curl Crème to style! In fact, depending on what your natural curl is like and which treatment you had done, you may end up with some gorgeous, jealousy-inducing beachy waves that look like you spent hours working on. That doesn't sound too bad, now, does it?! Give it a shot styling your hair with the Curl Crème—just be sure to follow the recommendations for styling with wavy hair. (They're not drastically different than those for tighter curls, but they will produce better results if your curls have been loosened.) If you style your hair naturally, it will gradually ease back into your natural curl pattern as it grows out, and you may find that you like it better styled with Controlled Chaos even in its curlier state!

So there you have it—Controlled Chaos will indeed work on chemically treated hair. In fact, if your hair has been chemically altered, it's likely a little more dry than it otherwise would be, so you may want to consider using the Hair Moisturizer as well. The combination will make your curls or waves very happy. If you have any other questions about Controlled Chaos and chemically treated hair, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Happy styling!

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