Curl Crème: How it Works on Waves vs. Curls vs. Coils

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What kind of curls do you have? If we were to hazard a guess, it would be that your curls could be categorized as one of these three: waves, curls, or coils. Now, relax; we haven't got a Magic 8-ball or anything. It's just that as curl experts, we've seen a lot of curls, and they all pretty much fit under the umbrella of one of those (broadly speaking). While there are clearly several types in each category, for the purposes of today's post, let's just focus on these three main curl categories.

While Controlled Chaos Curl Crème is engineered to work on all curl types, there are slight differences in the way it works on these three curl variations. If you have wavy hair, for example, you won't end up with boingy corkscrews just by using a product. (If that were actually a possibility, we'd be known as magicians.) Likewise, if you have kinky corkscrew curls, you probably won't end up with loose, beachy waves by following the styling tips for wavy hair and blinking your eyes three times in succession every three minutes. So the first step to knowing how to use Controlled Chaos Curl Crème is to look in the mirror and evaluate your curl type. If you're not sure or you feel like you may be in between one of the types, err on the side of less curl and try the techniques for that type, working your way up the curl chain if necessary.


If your hair falls into the wavy category, you have anything from a slight bend to a beach wave to loose S-waves that form curls at the ends.

controlled chaos wavy hair

When using Controlled Chaos Curl Crème on this type of curl, you'll want to start with hair that's more on the damp side, not totally dripping/soaking wet. Since waves are looser and tend to be weighed down more easily, you want to take some of the water out of the hair so that the Curl Crème can do its job and moisturize without added weight from the water. The moisture will kill out any frizz that tries to rear its ugly head, giving you smooth waves that are defined and beautiful. Without the presence of frizz, your color will pop, allowing light to reflect off those gorgeous waves and making your hair look shinier.

Apply the Curl Crème to your damp waves with your head flipped upside down, distributing evenly (but don't use too much!) and then scrunching upward to counteract the effects of gravity and retain volume. Try to avoid applying the Crème to your roots in order to keep as much volume as possible. Diffusing your hair will help set the waves in place as well—diffuse upside down for even more volume.



If you're confident that your hair falls into the "curls" category, which is probably the broadest of the three, then this section is for you.

controlled chaos for curly hair

Most likely your curls are pretty bouncy no matter what you do to them, so you don't need to be too worried about weighing them down. When you apply Controlled Chaos Curl Crème, you can keep your head upright or flip it over, whichever you like. You'll want to apply it to very wet hair in order to help the curls keep their shape and avoid frizz. If desired, you can comb through wet hair with a wide-tooth comb before applying to remove tangles and smooth your curls. Be sure your Curl Crème is evenly distributed throughout your hair (you can apply a bit near the roots, but sparingly), and then loosely rake your curls outward with your fingers spread apart, shaking them out so that they clump together and fall in their natural pattern. Then scrunch upward from the ends, and air dry or diffuse as desired!



If the hair you see staring back at you in the mirror is tight, kinky, or looks like tiny corkscrews, then it definitely falls into the "coils" category.

controlled chaos for coily kinky hair

These types of curls have the most resilient mind of their own, so styling with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème should be fairly easy. Depending on your hair texture, your biggest battle may be with frizz or lack of definition—and Controlled Chaos can help with that. When you style, you'll want your hair to be pretty soaking wet to start. Take smaller sections when you apply your Crème and distribute it through each section thoroughly, working your way around your head one section at a time. Think of your coils as corkscrew pasta noodles that you're trying to coat evenly with sauce. In the case of coils, it may be better if you apply the same amount of Crème closer to the roots than you would with looser curls, in order to combat that frizz that likes to peek through near the scalp. When you feel that your curls are all coated, let them air dry for best results. 

If shrinkage is a concern—which is common with coily hair—you should check out this video on how to lengthen and add volume to tighter coils.

And don't forget!

With ANY curl type, after you style with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème, remember: DO NOT touch your hair while it's drying! (Obviously, if you're diffusing, you can touch it with the diffuser. Just not your hands. Nope, hands off!) When it's totally, completely, 100% dry (and we mean all the way dry), that's when you can touch it again. If it looks like it's still a bit wet or feels the slightest bit crispy (it won't be much, if at all), scrunch it until it's nice and soft. You can even flip your head over and shake your curls, waves, or coils out to release them. If you do this step too soon, though, you may have frizz because it's not dry. That's an important step to remember. No matter what curl type you've got, flaunt your soft, frizz-free controlled chaos!

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