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5 Key Benefits of Curly Hair Creams

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Let's talk about curl cream. What makes it special? Why should you use it over any other product? What will it do? And why is it (in our humble opinion) one of the best styling products for curly hair—better than the curly hair gels, mousses and sprays you see so often in the aisles? Well, to answer those questions, let's talk about five key benefits of curly hair creams versus...any other products. 

1. Our favorite: no crispy-crunchy, ramen-noodle, '90s curls with curl creams. 
We've said it before, but we'll say it again: that crispy curl look is not our favorite. We can guess that it's probably not yours either. For years, your best option for frizz control was to layer on the gel until your hair looked wet long after it dried. I mean, c'mon...what curly girl hasn't had someone ask, "Oh, did you just get out of the shower?" (To which you replied, "Yes...six hours ago!" Right?) You know that's not the look you'd prefer for curly hair...however, it does get rid of the frizz. But wait! There is another way. Curly hair creams (such as Controlled Chaos Curl Crème) will control your pesky frizz problem without leaving your hair crispy like your favorite rice noodle entree. Curl creams control frizz from the inside out, moisturizing enough to make your curls happy while giving enough hold for soft, bouncy curls. Isn't that the look you and your curls have always fantasized about?

2. Curl cream can improve the condition of your curls over time, while most gels only do so temporarily.
Some hair gels can be moisturizing, but for the most part, gels only serve to hold and control your curls while they're in your hair. Whatever benefits they may have are gone when they're washed out. Curl creams, however, can have long-lasting moisturizing benefits, rebuilding and strengthening your hair from the inside while controlling it on the outside. Many curly hair products are geared toward beating your curls into submission through smoothing, straightening, or shellacking them into place. Their primary goal is temporary control through whatever means necessary. But since creams add moisture from the inside, they nourish your hair instead of coating your curls.

3. Curly hair creams won't dry your hair like other curly hair products.
Ever used a product that claimed to be one of the top products for curly hair and you thought it worked pretty well, until you went to wash your hair the next time and it felt like a rat's nest of doll hair? Maybe you even gave it another shot and ended up with a mass of tangles a second time. You probably decided it wasn't worth it and trashed the product or gave it to someone else. Well, think of a curly hair cream kind of like lotion for your skin. Creams, especially ones with nice moisturizing ingredients, won't have those effects on your curls. They will make your curls soft and touchable, and when you rinse them out, you will notice a difference in the way your hair feels—no more rat's nests to fight with! 

4. Curly hair creams provide excellent curl definition without weighing your curls down. 
Curl cream provides you with superb curl definition due to their moisturizing properties. However, the moisture will not weigh your hair down like some of the ball-and-chain gel products of the past, and they won't dry your hair out like some sprays and mousses. Curly hair creams provide the right amount of moisture to strengthen while defining and fighting frizz, giving your curls just enough to make them happy and healthy, like a bouncier version of themselves. Plus you get to keep your natural texture and volume. That way you stay happy too! 

5. Creams are 2-for-1: conditioning for your curls while controlling and styling.
Every curly girl knows that conditioner is your best friend. You may have also tried leave-in conditioners, but when you style with a curly hair cream, you get the best of both worlds! Creams come with built-in conditioners—which are what help control the curls. It's kind of like a treatment and curl styler in one. Score!

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