3 Reasons to Try Fragrance-Free Curl Cream

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Ever looked in stores for a fragrance-free hair product? If so, you'll know they're pretty hard to find. Some hair/skin products are so laden with fragrances that you can smell them from a mile away. Not so bad, if that's what you want. However, if it's not, well...sometimes you're just outta luck. But if you don't have a preference one way or the other about fragrance, let's talk about three benefits of using a fragrance-free curl cream that you may not have thought of.

1. You won't irritate the sensitive schnoz of someone with allergies.

When Aunt Ethel comes to visit, what's the first thing she says when she hugs you? "Oh, honey, your perfume is triggering my migraines. Can you go wash it off?" Okay, she might not say that, but there is a percentage of the population that is highly sensitive to fragrances. It's a real thing. Maybe you have the sensitivity yourself, or maybe you know someone who does; either way, if you still want your curls to look amazing without added scent, a fragrance-free curl cream would be a good solution. After all, there's no sense in showing up to every family gathering looking like a frizzball—your hair shouldn't have to suffer to save Aunt Ethel's senses, and likewise, you don't want your hair product to be the cause of her migraine, either. And guess what, our Curl Crème now comes in fragrance-free, beginning this month! 

2. You'll avoid clashing fragrances with scented lotions or perfumes.

Surely this has entered the minds of most women at one point or another: "Oh no, will the scent(s) of my hair products go with the scents of my skin products?" It may or may not matter too much, but sometimes it's a concern. Well, if you go with a fragrance-free hair product, that's one thing you don't have to worry about! Can't help ya with the lotions and perfumes, though. That one's up to you. But at least you'll know that if you use the fragrance-free Controlled Chaos Curl Crème, your hair and skin won't be warring with each other for control of your olfactory system. It also won't contribute to the sensory overload of that hot guy standing behind you in line at the coffee shop with a great view of your curls. Bonus.

3. You'll have a nice, natural clean-hair scent.

You may think that if you use a fragrance-free hair product, your hair won't smell good. Not so! On the contrary, it will have that natural clean-hair scent—kind of like freshly laundered towels that have been drying outside on the clothesline. Clean and fresh, without a whole bunch of added fragrance to cover up the naturally clean scent that's hiding underneath! Give the new fragrance-free Controlled Chaos Curl Crème a try, and you might just find you like that natural clean scent!

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