3 Heatless Hairstyles to Rock on Vacation

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Summer is rapidly approaching (no, really, it is!), and you're probably planning that long-awaited vacation. So you've already got Controlled Chaos Curl Crème on your packing list—check. Now you need to plan some fabulous outfits—and hairstyles to go with them. You know you don't want to spend a long time blowing out your curls, especially when you should be having fun and exciting adventures. But you want easy hair, maybe out of your face—or maybe a little more fancy look for an evening out. While we can't help you too much with the outfits, here are three ideas for fuss-free vacation styles that won't take much time or destroy your natural curls.

The Pineapple

You may have heard of the pineapple as a way to keep your curls intact and out of your face while you sleep. But have you ever thought of it as a purposeful hairstyle? If you've never pineappled before, here's how you do it. Flip your head over and gather your hair together on top of your head. (If you normally pineapple for sleeping, this one will be directly on top of your head instead of at your front hairline.) Secure your hair close to the scalp, wrapping a hair tie around it just once. Flip back over and let your curls fall where they want; depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you can add a few bobby pins near the hair tie to keep the pineapple from sliding. If desired, you can spritz the ends with water or a freshener to reshape the curls. That's it! This style is great for daytime adventures or a night out on the town! 


The Romantic Sweep

This style also works great for day or evening wear. After your hair is dry and styled with Controlled Chaos Curl Crème, loosely part it deep on one side. Grab three bobby pins and select a small section of hair from midway back on the top of your head. Pin it back on the side, and select another curl and do the same, moving forward on your head. Make sure to pin curls loosely to keep their original shape all the way up to the root. Pin the curl furthest forward on your head, and leave a small one out to frame your face if desired. The same can be repeated with one or two bobby pins on the other side of your head if you'd like; or, you can let those curls hang loose for a sweet asymmetrical look. Tuck any unruly ends underneath other curls and spray a light spritz of hairspray all over if desired to keep your romantic sweep in place.


Curly Twisted Bun

This textured, twisty bun is a versatile look that can be easily worn all day and night; it's both functional and pretty. Separate your hair into two sections as shown; make a bun with the back section, pinning the twists from the front section to cover the edges of the bun. Alternatively, this kind of look can be done in reverse: with curls down, make two twists on the sides and pin them together for a daytime look (or do a small braid on one side and pin). Then, when you're ready for your nighttime look, twist the bottom section into the bun and pin it up under the braid or twists. You may have to add a couple bobby pins to the twisted or braided section to blend it in with the bun, but then you're good to go. Leave a wispy curl or two down in the front or on the side to make this look even more on the romantic side. 

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